Bonardi's Formalwear

Wedding Tuxedos F.A.Q.

When do we register our wedding at Bonardi's?

Ideally, you want to register your wedding at Bonardi's as soon as you have your wedding date and color scheme. At that time you need to make an appointment for you and your fiance to come in and select the attire for your wedding party. During this first appointment your wedding party is not required to attend. Custom fittings will be done closer to the wedding date.

What if members of my weddding party live out of state?

Not a problem for Bonardi's. We are members of the International Formalwear Accociation with affiliates all over the world. Your out of state wedding party members get measured at one of our affiliates, and , then you send the tuxedo meausurements to us via our SEND MEASUREMENTS TUXEDOS FORM. This service is Bonardi's specialty because we have everything in stock and can fix any last problem no charge to you.

What if an article of clothing does not fit when the out of state attendant tries on his tuxedo?

One of the many benefits of using Bonardi's as your formalwear provider is that we own our entire inventory. If last minute changes occur, we are able to perform basic last minute alterations at all of our TUXEDO RENTAL SHOPS.

Do we match all manufactures dress colors?

Yes, we will custom match any dress color at no extra charge.

Can the groom receive a complimentary tuxedo at Bonardi's?

Yes, grooms receive complimentary tuxedos when there are four other tuxedos rentals. If there are fewer than four other tuxedos rentals, grooms can take advantage of our WEDDING TUXEDO DISCOUNT coupon.

What if we are going on a cruise and we need a tuxedo?

Bonardi's offers CRUISE TUXEDO RENTAL PACKAGES which allow you to rent a tuxedo for a week at a time.

When are the wedding tuxedos ready for pickup?

Wedding tuxedos are ready for pickup starting at 10:00 AM the Thursday the week of your wedding. We treat each wedding individually. Special arrangements can be made for early pick ups or late returns.

When do the wedding tuxedos rentals have to be returned?

All tuxedos rentals need to be returned by 7:30 PM the Monday following your wedding.

How long before the wedding should the wedding party members be measured?

We recommend that wedding party members be sized five to seven weeks prior to the wedding. Ring bearers should be sized four weeks prior. However, we are willing to accomodate you ealier if the typical time frame becomes problematic.

What if the groom is on a diet or lifing weights?

Bonardi's will atttempt to accommodate any special or unique situations upon request.